Celebrating the IT Heroes of Pakistan

Our IT industry is the most booming industry of Pakistan; it is the vision & relentless pursuit of excellence of the tech leaders that has put our country on the global radar. To celebrate the IT heroes of Pakistan, DirAction Skills hosted an Iftar dinner. Where my team shared how we can help transform their human resource into human capital, on the other hand, the industry leaders openly expressed about the most pressing challenges that our tech companies are faced with pertaining to their teams. I'd like to thank Mr. William Makaneole, US Consulate General, Lahore, for extending his support in our mission to upskill the people of Pakistan. A special note of gratitude to my friends from the IT industry for their presence. Our goal at DirAction is to enable the entire tech ecosystem. I invite the IT leaders to become our partners in this journey of transforming Pakistan’s human resource into Human Capital. Together, let's give our country the human capital it needs to become a stronger Pakistan by nurturing, empowering & enabling our people with the right skills.