District 92 Diaries

Old Friend from College Drops By

It was great to chit chat about old times with my friend from college, FAST, Burhan Rasool .. Great memories & so many of them! He has done fantastic work with the Government & is part of one of Prime Ministers’ task force nowadays. Wishing him well for his future endeavours!

Friend from PITB Drops By

Its always a pleasure meeting friends after long. Had an interesting discussion with Sajid Latif, DG Punjab Information Technology Board, about the work we’re doing in our respective organizations. We’ll be finding synergies to work together on many initiatives to promote entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Fabulous Exchange of Ideas with Omar Shah

A fabulous exchange of ideas with the full of energy Omar Shah on ways to collaborate between Co-Labs, ID92 & IdeaCroronKa. He aims to set new standards in Pakistan with regards to shared work spaces leading to building strong corporate & entrepreneurial communities.

Candid Rendezvous with Friends from Entrepreneurial Landscape

A candid & well rounded rendezvous with friends & partners from the entrepreneurship landscape. Interesting discussions around startups, incubators, engineering, investments & of course food with Faisal Sherjan, Asra Nadeem, Sadaffe Abid and Amna Nadeem.

Fireside Chat at DaftarKhwan

Spoke my heart today about life in general, my professions, entrepreneurs and of course my reasons for believing in Prime Minister Imran Khan and a Naya Pakistan. The more I interact with the youth of Pakistan, the more hopeful I continue to be for our future. We will rise IA!

Thank you to the team at Daftarkhwan for being great hosts.

Delivering My First International Online Lecture at The Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE), Finland

A unique experience delivering my 1st international online lecture to around 50 business students of the The Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE) in Finland. I spoke about the contours of entrepreneurship basing my narrative on the extremely interesting startup equation.

Accelerating the KP Impact Drive with Dr. Mariam Chughtai

Minister Atif Khan has successfully instilled the spirit of entrepreneurship through KPK via the KP Impact Challenge steered by Dr. Mariam Chughtai of the LUMS School of Education.

I am pleased to announce that Idea Croron Ka along with LUMS SOE shall feature success stories from KP via our show & much more!

In Discussion with Qaiser Ansari Bhai

Important messages exchanged. Important decisions being taken. Thank you Qaiser F Ansari bhai for the mediation & advice. Expect surprises.

Meighan Stone, Senior Fellow for Women & Foreign Policy, David Rockefeller Studies Program visits ID92

Meighan Stone, Senior Fellow for Women & Foreign Policy, David Rockefeller Studies Program visited ID92 on the agenda of promoting women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Being 52% of the entire population, I firmly believe it is the women of our country whose contribution to the economy of Pakistan can truly bring the change our country needs. Following this ideology, we have recently started #HerIdea – a campaign powered by Idea Croron Ka, dedicated to bringing the women of Pakistan on the front. It gives me immense pleasure to say tell that #HerIdea is being steered by Maria Naseer – my right hand in making Idea Croron Ka a possibility.

Hosting New US Counsel General Lahore, Colleen Crenwelge

It was a genuine pleasure to host the new US Counsel General Lahore Colleen Crenwelge, Minister Counselor for Public Affairs Mr. Christopher Fitzgerald & my friend Public Affairs Officer Michael Guinan at Innovation District 92.

We have agreed to further strengthen the collaborative work between our entrepreneurial initiatives & the U.S. Mission Pakistan. We are excited about working towards successful completion of our ATX+PAK Phase 2 goals & a few other grants we’ll be announcing soon.

Lots to do together for Pakistan!

Celebrating ATX+PAK Entrepreneurship Program Advance with Alumni of the Program

Celebrating a win for Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with some friends, partners & more importantly, the fantastic entrepreneurs who were the reason behind the success of Phase 1 of Atx+Pak Entrepreneurship Program (all 4 Cohorts), which in effect, has lead to the formation of Phase 2 which is the ATX+PAK Business Development program. Special thank you to my brother, my friend, Abbas Yousafzai, and Qaiser Ansari Sb for joining me on this special day.

I am personally glad to have Capital Factory as core partners in this phase & more so about the fact that their mentors / investors shall be coming into Pakistan to help scout for startups. A massive learning opportunity!

Exciting times ahead IA.

ID92 Secures the grant for ATX+PAK Entrepreneurship Program Phase 2

It gives me immense pleasure to announce Innovation District 92 as the proud in-country partner for the Advanced version of ATX+PAK Entrepreneurship Program. Thumbs up to Faizan Mahmood, for doing a fantastic job in securing the grant!

As always, we are super excited to work with the City of Austin and Capital Factory. This is a great opportunity for Pakistani entrepreneurs to get international exposure and to learn from the best entrepreneurial practices prevalent in startup hubs like Austin, Texas.

Brainstorming with Farrukh Habib, Federal Parliament Secretary for Railway

A pleasure brainstorming ideas with my friend Farrukh Habib – Federal Parliament Secretary for Railway (MNA-108) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf  Central Deputy Secretary General, on how to best utilize resources available with Pakistan Railways. Farrukh aspires to use innovation & technology to revamp processes completely; I’ll be advising & assisting him in doing so. Expect good changes!

Meeting Young Entrepreneurs at The Startup Huddle

It’s always a pleasure to have brilliant young Pakistani entrepreneurs visit ID92 to assist other aspiring younger entrepreneurs. Indeed, communities form the core fabric of societies.

Afternoon with Shahida Saleem, Founder Impact Network

It’s always inspiring to meet Shahida Saleem. Her passion and initiatives to serve the children and youngsters of Pakistan through education and social entrepreneurship is beyond commendable. Get ready to be surprised! We have some great things planned up for Idea Croron Ka. Keep watching 👍

Great Things Coming Up at Idea Croron Ka

Had some great discussions with friends – Farhan Masood, Hussain Kanji, Aamir Jafri and Rabeel Warraich, on various interesting tangents that’ll be revealed to you soon.

A special thank you to my friend Farhan Masood, Founder and CTO SoloInsight, for coming all the way from New York to met me. You’ll see him very soon in the opening episode of Idea Croron Ka Season 3.

Naeem Zamindar, Chairman Pakistan Board of Investment, Visits ID92

Chairman The Superior Group, Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman, Celebrates His Birthday at ID92

My Old Friend, Yaqoob Bangash, Drops By

My college friend, an ex-colleague & a credible historian (with extremely differing political views as mine), Yaqoob Bangash came over to meet with me in a Naya Pakistan. 😉 Had candid conversations & some interesting plans on ways to do things together. Happy to hear his plans. 👍

Chairman, The Superior Group, visits ID92 with S.M. Imran, CEO Din Group of Companies

A new beginning for so many brilliant entrepreneurs! Welcoming our first batch at ID92

Spoke to the 1st batch of Innovation District 92 today. Glad to see startup founders with aspirations, exuberance & skills! I wish them well on a day that marks the beginning of a new entrepreneurial journey & reassured that the team shall enable them in every way to become change makers of tomorrow!

God speed Change Makers! 👍

Yet Another Exciting Collaboration for District 92! Welcoming IGNITE on Board

Always a pleasure to exchange ideas & find ways to collaborate with the ever so positive & energetic Yusuf Hussain, CEO Ignite and his dynamic team. Excited & looking forward to some very interesting collaborations not only for ID92 but also at the Superior Entrepreneurial Expo!

Stay tuned guys! 

More Things Coming Up with Rabeel

With my friend, co-star on Idea Croron Ka & a solid investor leading Sarmayacar in Pakistan, Rabeel Warraich.We’ll soon be engaging in a few more gigs together & you’ll be seeing lots more of him at Innovation District 92, so stay tuned! 

District 92 Partners with PEP Trust

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing with Shahida Saleem, Managing Trustee Promotion of Education in Pakistan (PEP) TRUST. Click here to read more.

Hosting US Counsel General, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau

It was a genuine pleasure hosting the Honorable Counsel General, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau & her fantastic team at the Innovation District 92 today. We exchanged plans to work with the US Consulate General Lahore on various fronts as The Superior group as well as our startup incubator. She met with the 1st cohort of District 92 & also recorded a podcast via our radio frequency BOOM FM 106.6

Pitch Stop

Glad to announce the pioneer batch of District 92 after 4 days of intense competition, Pitchstop, as my team has named it. I thank all my friends from the industry for extending their tremendous support, spending hours grilling and judging the shortlisted participants, and helping my team choose the best 7 from the lot of 100 competing startups. Talking about the startups, they travelled from different cities to be a part of the Pitch Stop and for that we truly respect their time and efforts. For those who couldn’t make it to ID92’s incubation, our doors are open for them and will give them whatever support The Superior Group can extend.

District 92 Partners with University of Oklahoma

It gives me immense pleasure in announcing that we at Innovation District 92 have partnered with the University of Oklahoma on a grant program namely, “Professional Fellows Program” funded by the US State Department to promote entrepreneurs in Pakistan. It involves a 5 week exchange for Pakistani entrepreneurs twice a year & also includes two delegations visiting from US to Pakistan once every year.

In the quest to promote entrepreneurs from all across Pakistan, our team would be contacting various incubators nationwide & will be open to receiving applications from independent startups. Congrats to all entrepreneurs! 

You can read more about it here.

District 92 Signs MOU with She Loves Tech Powered by CIRCLE

Glad to join hands with CIRCLE as they host the local chapter of She Loves Tech at the premises of District 92! The winner will get a chance to appear on Idea Croron Ka Season 3.

Behind The Scenes

Some BTS snaps for you 😉 In a recording of a small documentary for the Superior Group. Coming up with something new; something interesting…

Welcoming Ali Mukhtar, Cofounder Fatima Ventures, as Board Member

I’m pleased to welcome a friend and very able Ali Mukhtar of Fatima Ventures as a board member of Innovation District 92. He will be helping us with the selection of startups to mentor them throughout their incubation cycles.

Fatima Group & The Superior Group would be working together towards creating awareness in various industries on the importance & advantages for local businesses in working with entrepreneurs and startups in Pakistan.

Shoot for the Website

A day full of energy with my team and co-founder and Rector Superior University, Dr. Sumaira. We did shoot for our website . You better check it out! ;)

Meetup With Qasif Shahid, Co-founder & CEO FINJA

It was good to have you over at Innovation District 92, Qasif Shahid. You were missed, Monis Rahman.

Aftari at District 92

A wonderful iftar dinner with startup founders & the friends from the IT industry at Innovation District 92 today! Thank you for making time. Also had an extremely productive meeting with the team from the US Counsel General's Lahore office on devising a customized program around the already successful "Access Program" for propagating English language proficiency across Superior University's network of 200 colleges & 300 plus schools across Pakistan. Talking about impact, stay tuned while we show you 'real' impact, together with our fantastic partners.

For more pictures head over to District 92's Facebook page.

With My Friend & Brother, Abbas Yousafzai

My friend, brother and a board member of Innovation District 92, Abbas Yousafzai (Cofounder & CTO YotaScale) spent a few hours giving candid feedback on our business model, our policies we're setting forth for the startups who'll be joining the incubator. He's also going to be working closely in helping us set up some strong partnerships with incubators in the US.

With Ali Syed from Capital Factory, Austin

A productive meeting with Ali Syed of Capital Factory - exploring some exciting new avenues with the fantastic team at Capital Factory in Austin, Texas, US. Thanks for speaking to my students Ali. Alicia Dean, founder ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Exchange Program, you got mentioned and appreciated several times in the conversation!

My Mentor, Khawaja Nadeem, Founder & CEO SHAPES, Visits District 92

An important day as my advisor & mentor, Khawaja Nadeem, Founder & CEO SHAPES (Mamu as I call him) came to visit District 92 for the very first time to give his blessings. We discussed my future plans on taking the Superior Group, District 92 & Idea Croron Ka forward. He advised on important takeaways from my trip to Russia, some ways in which he can help enhance our network of local angel investors & ofcourse, who will & won't matter after Pakistan elections. Shapes will also be coming up with a new service soon, to which I would be closely advising them, hence stay tuned!

Anna Bofa and Ali Khurshid from Facebook Drop By

An extremely interesting meeting reaping tangible outcomes with Anna Bofa, Lead Community Partnerships Program at Facebook. Thanks Ali Khurshid (SMB Account manager) for always facilitating us with the best. I'm pretty geared up up to see some super interesting synergies between the two entities in Season 3 of Idea Croron Ka. The game's about to change. Keep watching!

An Evening With Jonas Eichhorst

My dear friend, co-star on Idea Croron Ka & now a board member at District 92, Jonas Eichhorst came by to meet. We recorded a pilot of a soon to be launched educational series of hands-on & relevant entrepreneurial advice for startups. Thank you my friend for coming all the way. You'll be seeing a lot more of him in our ecosystem! And InshahAllah I'll be sharing with you what we recorded very soon. 👍