ICK Diaries

Kidpreneurs Taking Over ICK

I’ve been running my TV show sub of 2 years now. Having presented over 60 startups pitch on the show as of yet, it was while recording a show this weekend, that I had a 10 year old kid pitch a startup idea – a very real startup idea.

A mother with 2 daughters who aspire to create thousands of maker spaces across Pakistan, where the daughters believed in the business just as much as their mother did.

I was skeptical when the 10 year old Shifa desired to pitch up until she walked up to the stage & pitched, under a gazillion lights & over 10 cameras – she simply nailed it; her passion was real, her understanding of the market was real, her product she offered was real all packaged in immaculate energy & drive.

Entrepreneurship runs in our blood as Pakistanis despite age, gender or geography. I’m super keen on designing a show to showcase Children Entrepreneurs of Pakistan – an ICK Junior or something on those lines.

What do you guys think?

USAID Partners with Idea Croron Ka

Extremely glad to announce the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between USAID SMEA, represented by Farrukh Khan – Chief of Party, and Idea Croron Ka , represented by me, on Monday 11th of June, 2018 formalizing our collaboration for Season 3 where USAID SMEA has agreed to appear on the show and provide grant capital to the deserving entrepreneurs of Pakistan in two particular categories – ICT and Hospitality.

The startups can now pitch for investment from mainstream investors alongside getting easy access to grant money from USAID that will incentivize the development and diffusion of innovative, scalable business ideas adding immense value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Iftaar Dinner With 'Fabricare'

A fantastic startup FabriCare who raised money on Idea Croron Ka did a formal term sheet signing with their investors Rabeel Warraich & Sheharyar Ali over an Iftaar dinner tonight. A nice evening with entrepreneurs who have the right potential to take their startup to the next level!

Idea Croron Ka Partnership With Turkish Airlines

All smiles with the Chief Innovation Officer of Turkish Airlines after striking a serious deal. Today's an important day as I make an important announcement about a program that's extremely close to my heart and that we built from scratch, Idea Croron Ka.

It gives me immense pride in announcing our engagement with Turkish Airlines. You can now see pitches of startups, those featured on Idea Croron Ka episodes (with English subtitles) and more when flying with Turkish Airlines on any route in the world as a part of their 'Invest on Board' campaign.

Our entrepreneurs will now be seen & applauded by a vast global audience on a daily basis. Congratulations to all stakeholders of the Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem. Its only the beginning! For details, keep following Idea Croron Ka's Facebook Page

Idea Croron Ka Launch In Russia

Alhamdulillah! :)

I'm out of words to explain how I felt this day. My baby, my show Idea Croron Ka , the struggles of which started in 2015, had its first international premier in Russia at Kazan OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum 2018! HUMBLED.

Self-belief, persistent hard work and seeking help from Allah - my three keys to success.

Running a Power Panel at Superior Entrepreneurial Forum 2018

The ICK Boys are back!!! It was a genuine pleasure running a power panel at the Superior Entrepreneurship Forum 2018 where I discussed about startups, entrepreneurship, investments, power of branding and lots more with my friends and powerhouses of the business sector of Pakistan. Thanks guys for showing up & having fun!

Always an honor & a privilege to learn from & be inspired by the extraordinary work Amjad Saqib is doing via Akhuwat. Thank you for the kind words.