Season 3

Finale Season 3 - A Massive Season!

Season 3 of Idea Croron Ka comes to a successful close. A massive season! 

A note of thanks to our extraordinary partners & teams at Facebook & USAID SMEA for helping us do our part in strengthening Pakistan’s Entrepreneurship landscape.

To give you a quick summary of the impact of Season 3, I have written this small blog. Have a read.

Episode 13

Watch full episode here. 

Episode 12

Rs. 70 million raised in one episode!

In sum of 2 years on Idea Croron Ka, I’ve recorded over 40 episodes featuring 80 startup pitches & around 25 entrepreneurial success stories.

Yet, the episode aired tonight was doubly special;

  1. Because it showcased the largest ever investment commitment of PKR 5 Crore Rupees (Sub of USD 500K).
  2. It is for the very first time on the show, that both startups managed to get investments committed; one raised PKR 5 Crores & the other PKR 2 Crores respectively.

I congratulate Haris & Darvesh on raising capital on mainstream television & a special note of appreciation for Munawar Abadullah & Naeem Zamindar for making memorable investment commitments on our show.

This is the true face of Pakistan depicting hope, positivity & economic strength. I dedicate today’s episode to the families of the APS Peshawar victims. We need to fight back against the menace of terrorism by educating & financially strengthening our youth & no better way to ensure that but to promote Entrepreneurship among the masses.

Our show does just that. 👍

Episode 11

Nearing the end of Season 3, watch episode 11 of Idea Croron Ka, Sunday 7 pm on NEO TV.

Episode 10

“Pakistan has almost 3.2 million enterprises according to our census. But sadly only 2.4% of them are women led which is very less in proportion to the overall business strength of Pakistan. It is a very important issue as 54% of our population is women. If they don’t become the economic drivers of our country, Pakistan will never progress. There is no math that explains that. So we need to start focusing in a specific direction. We as brothers, as fathers, as husbands and any other role that we take in the society as men, it is our duty to enable women so they can lead businesses and become economic drivers of this country through which economic and social impact is created in Pakistan. In our show, our major goal is to ensure that we feature startups that are women led. Such initiatives we take through our segment “Himmat Karo Pakistan” in which we showcase women as “Superheroes of Pakistan” who become a ray of hope for other women in our society. It is famously said that every country that has been successful, women played a very important role in its progress. Women are not just home makers, they are nation makers. And if we want to strengthen this nation, develop it, then we must strengthen our women and encourage every initiative of theirs.”

Watch full episode here. 

Episode 9

They say, “Heroes are made by the path they choose not by the powers they have!” Heroes are people who make things better and are problem solvers. They are change makers! This is a show of the change makers, the entrepreneurs, the startups of Pakistan. I am often asked, why does Pakistan needs startups. So here is the answer to that why. Startups are very important for any country to grow because it is these startups that ultimately become SME’s (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) which contribute up to 40% to our GDP and it is these SME’s that create 80% of the jobs in our country. Watch this fabulous episode of Idea Croron Ka where two startup battle it out for investment and Muneeb Ali shares his story of BlockStack. Thanks Muneeb!

Episode 8

An interesting episode with intense pitching from two startups. The story of struggle of Rabia Aziz-Rizvi and her success through Special Needs Pakistan is worth listening to.

Click here to watch full episode.

Episode 7

Yet another episode of huge investment! PKR 3 Crore raised by Le Pur Organics.

It was an honor & a privilege to share the stage with a woman so accomplished, so strong yet so humble. She especially became a part of the show to give her message to the youth of the country & the message was simple yet clear. “Stay positive about the potential of Pakistan; we have come a long way & we are destined to shine”.

Here’s a quick snap of Justice Sahiba’s illustrious career:

Ms. Iqbal has a degree in intellectual property law from Punjab University, a Master of Laws degree (cum laude) from Harvard Law School, and a Master of Laws from Punjab University.

She was one of the first five women to be appointed to the Lahore High Court, where she served as a justice from 1994 to 2002. She is also the president of an activist group, the Concerned Citizens of Pakistan Society (CCP). Among other honors, she received the Fatima Jinnah Medal for Women’s Rights in 2006, the Woman of the Year Star Award in 2007.

She is also a former president of the Lahore High Court Bar Association. Currently, she is an honorary legal advisor to the International Women’s Club, Lahore, and the All Pakistan Women’s Association, Punjab; a trustee of Transparency International; and a member of the Pakistan Women Lawyers’ Association.

May Allah keep her healthy & shining for years to come!

Episode 6

Episode 6 was one episode that took my hopes from the youth of Pakistan to another level.

I’ve been running my TV show sub of 2 years now. Having presented over 60 startups pitch on the show as of yet, it was while recording a show this weekend, that I had a 10 year old kid pitch a startup idea – a very real startup idea.

A mother with 2 daughters who aspire to create thousands of maker spaces across Pakistan, where the daughters believed in the business just as much as their mother did.

I was skeptical when the 10 year old Shifa desired to pitch up until she walked up to the stage & pitched, under a gazillion lights & over 10 cameras – she simply nailed it; her passion was real, her understanding of the market was real, her product she offered was real all packaged in immaculate energy & drive.

Entrepreneurship runs in our blood as Pakistanis despite age, gender or geography. I’m super keen on designing a show to showcase Children Entrepreneurs of Pakistan – an ICK Junior or something on those lines.

What do you guys think?

Episode 5

At the sets of Idea Croron Ka Episode 5. I’d like to thank my friend Syed Ahmad to come over for the segment “Himmat Karo Pakistan” and share his inspiring journey with the youngsters of Pakistan.

Episode 4

2 fabulous startup pitches – 1 raises investment, the other gets a client. See two female founders impact Pakistan’s health sector through their startup & getting endorsed by Facebook! Worth watching episode!

Episode 3

USD 400,000 (PKR 4 Crore) plus raised for the very first time in the history of Pakistani television by the startup Battery Lala in Episode 3 of Idea Croron Ka! I congratulate the Pakistani entrepreneurial landscape! We’re moving forward MashahAllah!

Congratulations Shahida Saleem and NAeem Zamindar for setting benchmarks and a note to thanks to Badar Khushnood for supporting them finalize the deal.

This is as “real” as it can get!

Episode 2

A genuine pleasure recording ICK with our friends from Facebook. 

Himmat karo Pakistan segment of Idea Croron Ka is now brought to you in partnership with Facebook’s Community Leaders program.

Claire, leading Community Affairs for Asia Pacific also featured on this episode while Nadia’s entrepreneurial journey got the applause it needed.

Two startups, one from Lahore & the other from Islamabad pitched on the show & fought hard with the investors in the quest to raise capital.

A great show overall!

Episode 1

Our recordings for Idea Croron Ka Season 3 are underway & it was a joy taping a great episode with our friends from USAid.

A special thanks to Provincial Director of USAid Lea Swanson & SMEA Lead, Farrukh for being part of the panel.

Was a pleasure to have Farhan Masood appear as a high achiever for Pakistan on the episode.

Rest assured, It’ll be a worth watching show!

Islamabad Auditions held at National Incubation Center (NIC) Islamabad

Season 3 Launch Premier at Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018

Lahore Auditions held at Innovation District 92

Idea Croron Ka Logo Reveal at Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018