Season 3

Episode 6

Episode 6 was one episode that took my hopes from the youth of Pakistan to another level.

I’ve been running my TV show sub of 2 years now. Having presented over 60 startups pitch on the show as of yet, it was while recording a show this weekend, that I had a 10 year old kid pitch a startup idea – a very real startup idea.

A mother with 2 daughters who aspire to create thousands of maker spaces across Pakistan, where the daughters believed in the business just as much as their mother did.

I was skeptical when the 10 year old Shifa desired to pitch up until she walked up to the stage & pitched, under a gazillion lights & over 10 cameras – she simply nailed it; her passion was real, her understanding of the market was real, her product she offered was real all packaged in immaculate energy & drive.

Entrepreneurship runs in our blood as Pakistanis despite age, gender or geography. I’m super keen on designing a show to showcase Children Entrepreneurs of Pakistan – an ICK Junior or something on those lines.

What do you guys think?

Episode 5

At the sets of Idea Croron Ka Episode 5. I’d like to thank my friend Syed Ahmad to come over for the segment “Himmat Karo Pakistan” and share his inspiring journey with the youngsters of Pakistan.

Episode 4

2 fabulous startup pitches – 1 raises investment, the other gets a client. See two female founders impact Pakistan’s health sector through their startup & getting endorsed by Facebook! Worth watching episode!

Episode 3

USD 400,000 (PKR 4 Crore) plus raised for the very first time in the history of Pakistani television by the startup Battery Lala in Episode 3 of Idea Croron Ka! I congratulate the Pakistani entrepreneurial landscape! We’re moving forward MashahAllah!

Congratulations Shahida Saleem and NAeem Zamindar for setting benchmarks and a note to thanks to Badar Khushnood for supporting them finalize the deal.

This is as “real” as it can get!

Episode 2

A genuine pleasure recording ICK with our friends from Facebook. 

Himmat karo Pakistan segment of Idea Croron Ka is now brought to you in partnership with Facebook’s Community Leaders program.

Claire, leading Community Affairs for Asia Pacific also featured on this episode while Nadia’s entrepreneurial journey got the applause it needed.

Two startups, one from Lahore & the other from Islamabad pitched on the show & fought hard with the investors in the quest to raise capital.

A great show overall!

Episode 1

Our recordings for Idea Croron Ka Season 3 are underway & it was a joy taping a great episode with our friends from USAid.

A special thanks to Provincial Director of USAid Lea Swanson & SMEA Lead, Farrukh for being part of the panel.

Was a pleasure to have Farhan Masood appear as a high achiever for Pakistan on the episode.

Rest assured, It’ll be a worth watching show!

Islamabad Auditions held at National Incubation Center (NIC) Islamabad

Season 3 Launch Premier at Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018

Lahore Auditions held at Innovation District 92

Idea Croron Ka Logo Reveal at Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018