Season 4


Season 4 of Idea Croron Ka has set unprecedented standards for Pakistan’s television industry! Besides setting ICK as the first mover towards corporate innovation, this season created an exemplary impact – Rs. 110 million worth of investment commitments were made; 17 startups pitched their business ideas; and 13 Pakistani individuals featured as inspirational stories. The Finale was a tribute to all ‘Superheroes of Pakistan’ – entrepreneurs, investors and all those individuals who are creating economic and social impact in Pakistan. Watch full episode here. 

Episode 13

The last formal episode of Season 4.

Episode 12

On Idea Croron Ka, I’ve showcased over 100 startups and around 50 success stories of Pakistanis. Very few entrepreneurs have the right combination of qualities Muneeb Maayr  has. ‘Values’ with which he drives the company are admirable & bound to make Bykea  a resounding success! Listen to the incredible story of Bykea here.

Episode 11

Episode 11  (Season 4) is one of my most favorite episodes as we got to hear some of the finest pitches and meet three very well-informed, thorough entrepreneurs on the show to date! Watch full episode here.

Episode 10

Episode 10 of Season 4 holds special significance for me. It marked the 50th episode of the show and made me proud of myself and my team, for pulling off 4 seasons with such success. A show that was mocked by people across industries, has now become a talk of town across Pakistan for bringing hope in our youth. It would not have been possible without immense self-belief and unfaltering perseverance. I thank Asad Umar Sb, Aamir Ibrahim (CEO, Jazz) and Faisal Aftab (Managing Partner, Lakson Investments) for joining us in our mission of celebrating the real heroes of Pakistan. Watch full episode here. 

Episode 9

If we have to grow the startup ecosystem, we must align it with corporate sector innovation. Here is why.

Episode 8

What is happening in Kashmir is against humanity for sure. But then why is it that despite standing by the truth, our narrative doesn’t sell? The global players are not on our side but the oppressors? What is it that India is doing right and we are not? Here is what I believe is the reason behind it.

Episode 7

Yes, we as a nation are very resilient. No doubt about it. But blaming the government for all the wrongs happening around us is not right. The blame game has never worked, will never work. Reflect on what you’re doing for Pakistan. Ask yourself, am I doing justice to my role as a Pakistani. This episode is personally one of my very favorites of all four seasons. Do watch it – there you go! 

Episode 6

Key take away: Pakistan’s IT industry exports currently stand at $1 billion but has the potential with the given resources (as of now 30th August 2019) to earn a revenue of $23 – 27 billion. We can only reach our potential if we focus on being product driven and invest in the technical training of our people turning them into human capital.

Click here to watch full episode.

Episode 5

Key take away: If we as a nation have to progress and compete with the world we must know how to talk in numbers; we must know how to sell our ideas and raise investments for those ideas. And that is the intention of the show – strengthening Pakistan economically and socially.

Click here to watch full episode.

Episode 4

The Fundamental Law of Entrepreneurship: The more feedback you’re willing to take as an entrepreneur, the more are the chances for you to grow. The 1st thing VCs see in you is not how much money you make but if you’ve a learning attitude.

Click here to watch full episode.

Episode 3

Pleasure to have Kevin Sharp and Afsheen Shakoor – Provincial Directors Punjab for USAID SMEA, at the sets of Idea Croron Ka. Click here to watch full episode.

Episode 2

Enjoyed recording Episode 2 of Season 4. The highlight of the day was meeting Shafiq Sahab, CEO Milestone, an organisation that has enabled over 100,000 differently-abled people to be entrepreneurs. Turns out that his inspiration was my Dada who in the 90’s told many teenagers like him, “To never crawl, keep moving & face life head on!”.

Episode 1

Recorded the first episode of Idea Croron Ka_ Season 4. New & improved features, better production, good startup pitches and investment commitments. But the real honor was the opportunity to dawn a Jinnah style sherwani made by the same tailors who regularly stitched for Jinnah.

Islamabad Auditions

16 brilliant startups shortlisted from the Idea Croron Ka Islamabad auditions. Genuinely impressed by Pakistan‘s entrepreneurial talent in general & especially of entrepreneurs from KP. Season 4 all set to present brilliant ideas on mainstream TV.

Lahore Auditions

Another refreshing experience speaking to some brilliant startups from most parts of Punjab through the Idea Croron Ka Lahore auditions. We’ve shortlisted 11 brilliant entrepreneurs to pitch in Season 4 through the first round.

Karachi Auditions

Karachi Auditions held at Momentum Tech Conference 2019.