Season 5

ICK Investors-Startups Meetup

We’re working to redefine Heroes for Pakistan! The real heroes of Pakistan; Entrepreneurs, Mentors & Investors who are in their own respective capacities, working to strengthen Pakistan economically as well as socially. Join us. Help us improve it. It’s more than just a TV show; it’s a mission! 

Karachi Auditions

A brilliant response by entrepreneurs from across Karachi primarily & some parts of Sindh. For the very first time, we have shortlisted 8 startups from Karachi to appear on Season 5 of Idea Croron KaI thank my friends at NIC Karachi for hosting us & contributing to the selection process. It’s satisfying to see the impact we’ve managed to have in reaching to the masses from across Pakistan.

Islamabad Auditions

Auditions of Idea Croron Ka in Islamabad were a great experience. Brilliant startup founders with passion & zeal to grow their businesses put up a strong case in front a solid panel of judges. I thank my friends for supporting & contributing to our mission. Its extremely heartening to see startups coming to pitch from as far as Hunza, Gilgit, Waziristan & almost all parts of KP.

Lahore Auditions

Season 5 proceedings have kicked off on a high!

Lahore auditions were a massive success; I thank my friends from the industry who got together to help shortlist some of the top startups to be showcased in the upcoming season. Genuinely impressed by the diversity of representation in this season; numerous women led startups, people with traditional businesses trying to evolve using technology & innovation & ofcourse, several tech startups.

Next stop: Islamabad.

I thank friends at the NIC Islamabad for becoming venue partners with Idea Croron Ka. My teams would be getting in touch with friends from the Islamabad industry to help shortlist startups in the second round of auditions. Look forward!