Ideas Camp

Speaking at BNU (Beaconhouse National University)

Thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the super energetic students of BNU, so many of whom turned out to be fans of Idea Croron Ka! We discussed Entrepreneurship from every possible dimension & talked about the importance of creating entrepreneurs out of students of media studies.

I believe it's important for our youngsters to look up to the right inspirations to think and dream big. While sharing my own inspirations, I tried to identify for them the common characteristics of a hero in real life. It gives me hope when I see these youngsters watching the show and getting inspired to create their own companies to uplift the economy of this country. We're certainly headed in the right direction.

A special note of gratitude to my dear friend Zaeem Yaqoob Khan, Executive Director at BNU (Beaconhouse National University), for the respect you gave me & my entire crew throughout our stay at your esteemed university. I promise to be back again soon!

Talking Entrepreneurship at Forman Christian College Lahore

Spoke to some passionate young entrepreneurs at FC College Lahore as part of the Idea Croron Ka "Idea Camp" campaign. Humbled by the overwhelming welcome & love shown by students & organisers. We talked about the power of dreams & the importance of converting them into commercially viable products! 👍

Premiering I-Camp at FAST

It was fantastic premiering the university outreach program of my show Idea Croron Ka, Ideas Camp (I-Camp as my team and I call it), at FAST-NUCES Lahore - my home university.

A myriad of memories from my days at the university flooded my mind. For more pictures head here.