This is a 2 minute read, and that is all the time I require from you.
Like many around me, I started off with a burning desire to change, to create, to do, but I could not select a focus towards which I could channel my passion. And that’s where my journey began.
To many of you, I am the lead for Idea Croron Ka, Pakistan’s first startup reality show or you know me as former Director Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development at Punjab Information Technology Board. At PITB I represented the entrepreneurial wing with projects and initiatives namely, Plan9 – Pakistan’s Pioneer Technology Incubator, PlanX –Technology Accelerator, TechHub Connect – a co-working space for freelancers, Herself – a women empowerment initiative and WhizKids – an initiative to sow the seed of entrepreneurship at a grass root level by conducting workshops at schools and inviting kids for summer and winter camps. We might have also worked together through Technopsis, an IT consultancy firm I started or you could have been my student over time. But the sole focus towards which I have converged all my energy is entrepreneurship, and that is who I am; an entrepreneur.
This space is an attempt to connect with all of you on a more personal level, where I can talk and discuss about the things I strive for every day. I aim to grow people, to give height to innovation, to nurture local heroes and cultivate an environment where young minds can have real aspirations. Let this space be a congregation of new ideas, practical solutions, a well-defined life approach and a place where I believe you too can choose your focus.
All I need from you is a good idea and a lot of hard work, because that’s all you need to be invincible. Trust me.

The motivation behind Idea Croron Ka: Keeping in line with my vision to promote entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem in Pakistan, the realization for investment to sustain ideas became a pressing issue. Thus, with the notion to help entrepreneurs scale their startups into large scale companies, this TV show was created in 2017 where it acts as a platform between investors and aspiring entrepreneurs. With over ten years of managerial experience and constantly dabbling with domains like management information systems, entrepreneurship, change management, strategy & planning, business analysis and project management, I aim to make entrepreneurship a household affair.
My time at PITB and as Director Entrepreneurship: The entrepreneurship wing steered all initiatives that fall in the space of technology entrepreneurship backed by the Government. Projects like Plan9 – Pakistan’s Largest Technology Incubator, PlanX – Technology Accelerator and TechHub Connect – a co-working space for freelancers, Whizkids – a program to integrate school kids in our technological entrepreneurship eco-system and Herself – a pre-incubation program designed for women, are the initiatives under which we created many opportunities.
My life as an entrepreneur: I Co-founded and am the CEO of a business & IT consultancy firm by the name of Technopsis. With offices in two major cities of Pakistan and a client base spanning across the Middle East, Asia and United Kingdom; I take my experience in effective strategy development, positioning a brand in new markets and managing end to end operations of an organization effectively from here. I regularly work as a Project Manager with numerous SMEs across Pakistan to help them streamline and automate their business processes. Previously I worked for a good period of 3 and a half years at Shapes as a Project Manager ERP, where I headed the implementation process of an end to end ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) by using various techniques of management to align the company’s business processes with its IT needs.

My passion points: Being a visiting faculty at FAST-NU and Information Technology University, and having taught courses relating to Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Business Ethics and Management Information Systems, my hope is to bring a change in the conventional mindset of students that revolve around acquiring a job to pursue the career path of entrepreneurship through dialogue and skill acquisition.