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Chairing Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub Pakistan

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March 26, 2019
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February 17, 2019

After months of discussions with friends within & outside of Pakistan, and understanding its potential for the youth of our country, I am pleased to bring Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub to Pakistan as its CEO & Chairman.

Social Cohesion, Peace and Security, Economy and Sustainability are the core focus of The Commonwealth Youth Hub for Innovation and Leadership.

The CW Innovation Hub will broadly comprise of:

- Cities Initiative

- Space Initiative

- Enterprise & Investment

- Think Tanks on Global Issues

- Political Academy

Each initiative caters to a wide network of opportunities for youth from entrepreneurship and investment to development of an entire city that will include incubators, accelerators tax-free zones, business centers, Special Economic Zones and IT parks for youngsters.

In addition to this, the Hub under its Enterprise and Investment Initiative will be focusing on:

  1. International internships,
  2. Professional development courses,
  3. Financial investment groups,
  4. Social Responsibility Programs,
  5. Technical Capacity Building initiatives and
  6. Investment opportunities for Startups.

Pakistan will be the second country among 53 CW countries to work towards its very own youth city following the launch of Commonwealth Youth City and Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub in Malaysia.

We are in the process of setting up a formal secretariat and putting together a team that shall run operations here in Pakistan & also build partnerships with key stakeholders in the industry.

Read formal announcement here.