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DirAction Youth

Automation – A Means to Scaling Businesses & Disrupting Markets
June 4, 2022
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DirAction Empowering the Youth of South Punjab
March 31, 2022

Pakistan is a youth intensive nation. Where our youth bulge is increasing by the day, at the same time, we’re not evolving our ways to educate & turn them into responsible citizens and economic contributors of Pakistan.

With the sole mission to nurture the potential of our children - the future of Pakistan, today DirAction has launched its initiative for our youngsters by the name of DirAction Youth. Focused on students aged 16-19 years, the program is about equipping them with knowledge & skills - both technical & interpersonal, that will not only upscale them in terms of their skillset and critical thinking, but also build their self-esteem.

Pakistan’s economic prosperity is the cornerstone on which DirAction was founded & equipping our youth with the skills that will make them financially sustainable is the right way to achieve that. Where skill enhancement lies at the core of it, DirAction Youth offers a variety of programs that fill the young souls with the self-belief that they can pave their way towards their dreams. 

I invite all parents, the ‘real coaches’, to contribute to this cause. Be it as a coach, mentor or chaperone, your efforts to bring about a change in the lives of others’ children can turn around the fate of Pakistan. 

Join us and play your part!