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Federal IT & Telecom Minister visits ID92

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Pakistan: The Next Innovation District
January 25, 2019
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Mission: Job Creation
January 16, 2019

[23rd January, 2019] It was a brilliant discussion between the Hon. Federal IT & Telecom Minister Mr. Khalid Maqbool & professionals / entrepreneurs from the IT sector. I briefed the Minister on the happenings in the entrepreneurship landscape of Pakistan. He & his team loved the concept of a show like Idea Croron Ka & have shown interest to help support & scale it more.

The Minister in his meetup with our extremely able representatives from the industry, remained very receptive to ideas & jotted down points being put on the table for further action.

Two threads were discussed in the conference. First were the industry issues:

- ease of doing business needs to be improved

- we need to build and brand Pakistan better

- visa facilitation services for both inbound and outbound need to be improved

- need to focus on innovative companies as tech is multiplying at a faster rate rather than traditional industries such as textile

- increase availability of internet by ensuring everyone has access to it especially in remote and rural areas

- tax imposed on IT industry need to be reduced

- Government to use its influence to support marketing efforts of companies on a global level.

Secondly, the problems in academia were highlighted:

- encourage Local research in respect to IT Industry

- need to work with HEC to improve polices such as introduction of blended learning policy

- Degrees in specialized IT fields like IoT, AI need to be introduced

Pakistan's IT sector has phenomenal potential; yet there is dire need to have IT professionals who've come full circle to get more involved in policy making.

I thank all my friends from the industry who took time out to come over & contribute to a very fruitful discussion.