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ID92 Secures ATX+PAK Entrepreneurship Program Phase 2

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October 16, 2018
To CPEC or not to CPEC
October 9, 2018

It gives me immense pleasure to announce Innovation District 92 as the proud in-country partner for the Advanced version of ATX+PAK Program. As always, we are super excited to work with the City of Austin and Capital Factory. This is a great opportunity for Pakistani entrepreneurs to get international exposure and to learn from the best entrepreneurial practices prevalent in startup hubs like Austin, Texas.

If you're interested to know more about the contours of Phase 2 of ATX+PAK program, here are a few that may interest you:

  1. The exceptional performance of phase 1 has resulted in the renewal of this great program which was conceived & founded by Alicia Dean👍- A big thank you to this brave woman for fighting for & winning Phase 2 for Pakistani entrepreneurs.
  2. To make this advanced phase more impactful we aspire to adopt a very inclusive approach and shall work closely with all incubators & accelerators across Pakistan.
  3. This 2 year program is not limited to entrepreneurship only. We have diversified into the fashion and creative design industry as well.
  4. 10 startups will be selected for this program and split into 2 cohorts.
  5. Two American delegations including investors, entrepreneurs & personnel from various business backgrounds from Austin will visit Pakistan.

I'd like to commend Faizan Mahmood for working diligently towards helping give shape to a phase 2 of this grant & the entire Superior Group who've put in all their resources with the intent to facilitate the success of this grant.

I wholeheartedly invite all my friends, supporters & entrepreneurs across our ecosystem to come work with us in making Phase 2 of this grant a worthy milestone for our entrepreneurial landscape.

Congratulations Pakistan!


Celebrating a win for Pakistan's entrepreneurial ecosystem with some friends, partners & more importantly, the fantastic entrepreneurs who were the reason behind the success of Phase 1 of Atx+Pak Entrepreneurship Program (all 4 Cohorts), which in effect, has lead to the formation of Phase 2 which is the ATX+PAK Business Development program. Special thank you to my brother, my friend, Abbas Yousafzai, and Qaiser Ansari Sb for joining me on this special day.

I am personally glad to have Capital Factory as core partners in this phase & more so about the fact that their mentors / investors shall be coming into Pakistan to help scout for startups. A massive learning opportunity!

Exciting times ahead IA.