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Idea Croron Ka Collaborates With Circle

The Man Of His Own Complexities
February 12, 2018
nabeel qadeer exits pitb
Nabeel Qadeer Exits PITB
February 10, 2018

[This article was originally published in PakWired on 8th February, 2018]

Idea Croron Ka has completed two successful seasons helping startups raise a total of Rs. 21 crore. They featured a total of 48 startups and 15 local and international investors. The recent news from Idea Croron Ka is that they have now collaborated with Circle to highlight the women with entrepreneurial interest and take up the initiative of Women Investor Training. Idea Croron Ka and Circle will train women to become investors and make them understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem and startups and Idea Croron Ka will give them a platform to meet startups and invest in them. Circle will also recommend women superheroes and female entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas on the show.

Nabeel A. Qadeer the driving force behind the show went to Karachi to sign this MoU with Circle. He shared that they have featured a women investor, several women superheroes and female startup founders however the ratio of women led startups showing up at auditions is quite low.

nabeel qadeer

He also added that despite trying hard, they have struggled in finding women investors who have a track record of investing and who understand the startup ecosystem. Building upon the same he was very positive about the collaboration with Circle and said: 

“I believe that it is women who build strong nations. With their laser sharp focus and strong ability to multitask they can be more effective than men in almost every field. We are positive that Circle will help us get access to more women investors and startup founders respectively. I am excited about the investor training program we are putting together for more women to take the role of investors in Season 3 and beyond.”

Sadaffe Abid, the co-founder of Circle, shared her views on this collaboration as well: 

“Globally women are setting businesses at a faster rate than men. I am thrilled to partner with Idea Croron Ka to spotlight women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. When women grow, families prosper and nations progress.”

We look forward to witnessing more women in investor panel, startups and superheroes in Idea Croron Ka Season 3 and onwards.