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Idea Croron Ka Is Back with Season 5!

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August 29, 2023
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August 11, 2023

Idea Croron Ka is back with Season 5! 

Bigger, better and unique, it comes with an exciting new format presenting Pakistan & its youth to the world in a manner unseen before. 

A show for the youth of Pakistan, in the past four seasons, Idea Croron Ka enabled more than 42 startups from all over the country to raise PKR 510 Million as investments with more than 100 startups pitching their ideas on the show. Giving a common Pakistani hope, positivity & self-belief that there lies a hero within them, has been the biggest contribution of the show. 


This could not have been achieved without an undeterred support of Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman (Chairman of Nai Baat Media House) who not only became the first believer of the show but stood by it like a pillar all throughout.

Idea Croron Ka is not just a TV show but a movement to spur in our youth the spirit to dream big, persevere & win by giving them a level playing field. The mission is to encourage, nurture and celebrate the real heroes of Pakistan - our entrepreneurs.

In this voyage of change, it is the propensity to adapt to technology at a national level that will define how far we will go as an economy and I believe that our IT industry has a massive role to play in making Pakistan an economic powerhouse. 

Supporting & investing in home-grown startups is one of the prime areas where the leaders, the flagbearers of our tech industry can contribute to achieve the national purpose of strengthening Pakistan’s economy at root level. The startup and tech ecosystems are two shades of the same spectrum; merging the two is what will give Pakistan the best mix of innovation & progression. 

I’d like to thank my friends from the tech industry – Monis Rahman, Badar Khushnood, Uzair Arshad and Umar Zafar, for joining us at the launch of ICK Season 5, and extending their support as representatives of Pakistan’s IT industry. 

A promise of support system to the employment generators - our entrepreneurs, Idea Croron Ka will continue on its extraordinary journey of spreading hope, creating opportunities and contributing to Pakistan’s economic growth.

Applications for Season 5 shall be opening soon. This is a brilliant opportunity for the dynamic startup founders of Pakistan to not just showcase their products globally but brand Pakistan as the next startup hub of South Asia! 

Looking forward to meeting the very talented entrepreneurs from all parts of Pakistan.