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Launch of InfinIT Labs

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June 9, 2019
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March 26, 2019

April 17 holds immense importance in my life.

16 years ago, on this day I lost my Grandfather (Dada) who played an important role in shaping who I am today. His last advice was for me to keep dreaming big & to always work towards exceeding my own expectations.

Today, many years later, staying true to the values and lessons he taught me, I along with Ch. Abdul Rehman Sb who is a brother, a friend, a mentor & now a partner, have launched a rather ambitious initiative in the form of a technology company and we call it the Infinit Labs.

Ch. Abdul Rehman has founded the company & I have assumed the role of its first CEO.

With infinite possibilities & opportunities available to us, our core areas of focus would include expertise in Artificial & Business Intelligence, Data Science & Robotics to name a few. We are strong believers of the 4th Industrial revolution & through InfinIT Labs we shall be exploring new horizons of Innovation under the umbrella of our R&D initiatives. We invite academicians, professionals & startups to use our Lab as a testing ground for their respective Innovative initiatives.

I thank all my friends from the tech Industry & also members of the Superior Group who made time despite bad weather conditions & even those who couldn't make it but sent good wishes. A special thanks to Yusuf Hussain for his time & support. I am indebted to the unwavering support from Sara Hussain Nabeel & Safa, my family & friends who stand by me in almost everything I aspire to do. The presence of Kh. Nadeem my uncle & my first investor was a highlight.

I dedicate the launch of this company to my Dada - my inspiration. As I take a dive into this exciting new space, I'll close this post by remembering his words:

"Never fear having aspirations. Even when people say that you can't, believe that you can and you will."