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Keynote at the Global Block Chain Summit & Launch of Commonwealth Youth Token

Nurturing Women Heroes
October 2, 2018
Appointed as Project Chair UNCTAD – Commonwealth Entrepreneurship Project
September 14, 2018

My visit to Malaysia was extremely productive. A special thanks to friends in the Malaysian Government who invited me to do a keynote at the Global Block Chain Summit & Launch of Commonwealth Youth Token organised by the Commonwealth Youth City (CWY) & Govt. of Malaysia. During the event the funds raised by the token to build a youth city in Malaysia tipped $1 Million (within 3 hours).

It was a pleasure discussing matters of mutual interest with the Minister of Federal Territories Mr. Khalid Samad, who formally inducted me to the board of the Commonwealth Youth City Initiative by presenting a wonderful memento. It was indeed an honor to launch the Asia 500 magazine in Malaysia along with the honorable minister.

Also got the fantastic opportunity to gauge the interest of Chinese Investors in the Pakistani Innovation landscape as well as their desire to help create more jobs for our youth through mega projects being planned via CPEC. Learnt from friends from the Maltese Government how the online gaming industry is huge and their dire need to attract high quality programmers / software engineers to Malta.

I am honored to have been inducted as a board of adviser for the Commonwealth Youth City Global Initiative. I've also been given the formal responsibility of leading CWY Youth City initiative in Pakistan as its CEO & Chairman. The role shall entail the following:

- Setting up an Innovation City funded by the Commonwealth Youth Token & Chinese Investors.
- Setting up Innovation Centers backed by CWY Global across Pakistan
- Introducing the Blockchain backed “Youth Token & Youth Coin” already launched in China as well as Malaysia to name a few.
- Building digital CPEC with China’s Economic and Innovation Council, Belt Road Initiative.
- Hosting & facilitating bilateral meetings between relevant stakeholders from China, Pakistan and Malaysia respectively.

I shall be looking forward to seeking your support & also contact of you personally whom I feel can create professional synergies with our friends of China & Malaysia.