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SkillUp-FAST Round Table Conference

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Idea Croron Ka Is Back With Season 5
March 1, 2022
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SkillUp-FAST MoU
February 4, 2022

Pakistan’s tech industry has the potential to be a strong economic arm for the country but despite a significant influx of IT graduates every year, there seems to be a gap between the industry and academia.

SkillUp, a project of Infinite ScaleUp, aims to address this issue at hand. With its first chapter being set up in FAST-NUCES Lahore with the support of Dr. Hammad Naveed (Director FAST Lahore) the SkillUp-FAST Round Table Conference’s core agenda was to identify the market need.

The leaders of the IT industry present at the conference unanimously agreed upon investing in our graduates and young professionals on both fronts - technical & soft skills, to help them become more effective. SkillUp-FAST’s immediate plan of action is to launch training programs and short courses for graduates and early to mid-tier industry professionals.

With the industry professionals engaged as trainers, curriculum advisors and consultants, the programs will be tailor-made with a practical approach in skills training. These training programs are open to all who are looking forward to becoming market-ready and hireable by upskilling themselves.

We will not just be equipping the young professionals with technical and soft skills but also with a growth mind-set that will nurture them as effective humans.

Looking forward to steering this with Dr. Naveed in the right direction. Support from the industry is key; I thank my friends from the IT industry for contributing and joining us at the conference.