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SkillUp-FAST MoU

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SkillUp-FAST Round Table Conference
February 23, 2022
DirAction Launch
January 18, 2022

Universities have the biggest responsibility - the responsibility to create our leaders of tomorrow, to equip the drivers of our economy, to paint the future of our nation. In this age of rapid digitalization, university degree alone is not enough if we are to compete with the world. This is where our universities need support. 

Pakistan has a burgeoning IT industry and to meet its rising needs we have the biggest asset that any nation can ask for - youth! But then why is there a widening gap between the industry and academia? Despite having a significant influx of projects from home and abroad, why is there still a lack of employment opportunities?

Reason? Lack of focus on skill development - the only viable solution to reduce and eventually eliminate the industry-academia gap.

On a mission to build 100 companies for Pakistan, Infinite ScaleUp (DirAction Pvt. Ltd.’s holding company) has signed an MoU with FAST-NUCES Lahore. 

Skill-Up FAST, an initiative of Infinite Scaleup in partnership with FAST Lahore, will offer training programmes and short courses to professionals and final year students in the field of IT. The core objective is to equip our youth to become market ready and hireable.

Through Skill-Up FAST, we’ll be engaging industry professionals as trainers to give our students not just knowledge but practical implementation of it. We’ll be equipping them with the emerging skills of today’s era that will not just open up new ways to earn but help them come at par at a global level.  

Quality and effectiveness will be ensured through stringent evaluation mechanism. 

This has been made possible by the belief & shared vision of Dr. Hammad Naveed, Director FAST-NUCES Lahore, to set a clear direction for the youth.

Skill-Up FAST is not just an initiative; it’s the beginning of a new chapter for the youth, the builders, the leaders of Pakistan. Dream big, but to live that dream you need to scale-up. Skill-Up!