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Idea Croron Ka Goes International

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August 29, 2018
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August 27, 2018

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Idea Croron Ka Goes International

Idea Croron Ka has managed to highlight the surfacing business talent within Pakistan since the past two seasons and it is now moving forward to accelerate the startup ecosystem with the return of yet another exciting season. 

In just two seasons, Idea Croron Ka featured 50 startups which were evaluated by 15 local and international investors and a total of Rs. 22 Crores was raised to lay the foundation of a booming Pakistan. The viewers were introduced to 24 remarkable personalities who have now become the business epitomes for the emerging entrepreneurs of Pakistan. 

Idea Croron Ka decided to up the game for Season 3 by going international to present a constructive outlook of Pakistan. The recording of ICK international series that initiated in Austin back in October, continued in Russia for 2 episodes in May this year. The team of Idea Croron Ka attended the 4th Kazan OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum that staged startups from 20 distinct countries including but not limited to USA, India, Pakistan, Jordan, Uganda, Turkey, Russia, UK, Norway and Azerbaijan. Idea Croron Ka is also encouraging women to apply for Idea Croron Ka and has partnered up with Circle to spread the word and nominate startups.

This season Idea Croron Ka is supported by major international partnerships. Idea Croron Ka is bringing back the ‘Himmat Karo Pakistan’ segment but this time it is supported by Facebook where ICK shall feature community leaders and Facebook shall provide them a grant money. Moreover, USAID SMEA has joined hands with Idea Croron Ka and shall be appearing on ICK to give out grants to startups as well. They may even match investments of investors. The third partnership that Idea Croron Ka has secured is with Turkish Airlines. Now the startups that appear on Idea Croron Ka shall also have a chance to be featured on the Turkish Airlines’ In-flight Entertainment System under the Invest on Board category. Investors flying through Turkish Airlines shall be able to listen to the startups pitch and may get in contact with them.

 “This season Idea Croron Ka is bigger and better. With major local and global partnerships, startups will have even more opportunity to get international eyeballs and Idea Croron Ka will be one step closer to achieving its goal of highlighting the true heroes of Pakistan that represent the country worldwide.”

- Nabeel A. Qadeer – Lead, host and content producer at Idea Croron Ka

 The eligibility criteria to apply for Idea Croron Ka is as follows:

  • Startup should be making sales / revenues
  • Startup can be from any vertical
  • Women are encouraged to apply

(Applications for Season 3 are closed now)

For updates follow Idea Croron Ka on Facebook and Twitter. Watch full episodes on YouTube. For more details visit its website.