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Industry Roundtable with Kamran Bangash

A pleasure hosting an extremely interactive and well attended roundtable discussion between the very able Kamran Bangash, the driving force behind all major ICT related efforts in KPK, and key IT industry players based out of Lahore on behalf of my company Infinit Global Labs in collaboration with P@SHA.

We spoke about regulations pertaining to the SECP & HEC, discussed skill development programs, issues startups face in general and most importantly, and exchanged ideas on how and when to engage the IT industry of Punjab more actively in KPK.

KPK as a province has taken up the reforms agenda more diligently as opposed to other provinces in recent years; whether it be Finance or Technology, they have able young leaders driving the province in the right direction. I was genuinely impressed by initiatives being taken in KP to promote technology interventions via KPITB.

The outcomes of our industry roundtable with Kamran Bangash promise to have far reaching impact on the way we intend to drive Technology interventions as provinces together. We’ll do many more of these in other cities / provinces InshAllah.

With my Partners at Infinit Global Labs.

P@SHA ICT Awards 2019

A proud moment! Alhamdulillah, InfinIT Global Labs stole the show at P@SHA ICT Awards 2019. Spoke about the growth of the IT industry of Pakistan and the support technology corporate sector needs to extend to the startups. It was a pleasure meeting my friends from the ICT industry. Looking forward to exciting collaborations for InfinIT in near future.

Setting Up Head Quarters

We’ve temporarily set up InfinIT Global Labs Head Quarters in Gulberg, Lahore until our new campus completes by mid of next year and here’s how it looks!

First Official Team Meeting

First official team meeting where I talked about the importance of building the right culture in order to build a company. It is the culture of a company that sets it apart from the competition and sets the foundation for its flight. Stepping out of the comfort zone is the key to building that culture.

Tech Interventions in the SME Sector

Zeeshan & I go back many years; Bunny’s Bread is his family business where he worked himself up from a Sales Executive to Director & now opening Cold Stores across Pakistan. With his network in business circles, we’ve agreed to inculcate the awareness of tech interventions in the SME sector. 

New Office in Mississauga

Glad to share images of Infinit Labs‘s new sales office in Mississauga. The paint’s still fresh & the furniture’s arriving. Our next branch offices open in London & Jeddah by August covering the 3 markets we’re mainly operating in.  A new HQ is under construction in Lahore.

Launch Ceremony

April 17 holds immense importance in my life. Today, I have launched a rather ambitious initiative in the form of a technology company and we call it the Infinit Labs. Read full blog here.