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Be Special

nabeel qadeer
Living The Technology
March 7, 2018
nabeel qadeer
The Bluff Card
February 25, 2018

Our systems are ‘dysfunctional’.

Everything, every part of the system is just the same at different levels of the society. If you analyze the political system, we find discussions on the electoral, legislative and governance systems being flawed. Interact with ‘lower’ levels of the society, and you realize the negative effects of non-uniformity in the education system. Follow national economic trends and you’ll be able to understand and question the existing lags in the financial sector.

The element of dysfunctionality is so strong that it engrains those who interact with it. To let it function, ALL stakeholders get involved. It seems aspects of ‘immorality’ and ‘illegality’, which are otherwise condemned, are being authenticated.

But not all are ‘bad’. I feel it is their inability to voice beliefs that entitles them to the general, a very ordinary label. As it happens, such people are in a number far less than the ‘ruling’ group. Therefore, in order to remain a part of the system (dysfunctional, it maybe), they find it convenient to remain silent. As they perceive, the value the society equates them with is lower if they remain outside of the system.

They ALSO find comfort in remaining a part of it.

The problem, therefore, originates when an individual or a group enters the system but REFUSES to be a ‘part’ of it. He does not have the inherent characteristics to ‘compromise’.  I believe it is the rigidity of values and ethics that define ‘self’; the same (dis)able one to compromise.

Given the existence of an individual or a group in the system that is labeled ‘different’, what are the factors that make it exactly so (or as I think ‘special’)?

It is resilience, determination to make it happen that empowers you to accomplish the unknown. It is the ability to stand by and the courage to take pride in your values that gain you a significant identity. It is realization of the ‘self’ that does not allow self-respect to be hurt. It is consistent connection with basics of morality and religion that firm belief is obtained.    

As the above are achieved, one overcomes the basic needs of society. He DOES NOT have a ‘price’ any longer. I believe it is ‘self-interest’ that is bought by the ‘strong’; once it is hidden, you are free.

What we require today are safe havens. Opportunities that would enable one to rise above the needs and do what the ‘self’ tells him to. We are in need of new leaders and a better nation with clear rules and defined values. It is by being in contact with the basics of religion, humanity and morality that we can raise a ‘better’ and a more responsible generation.

As a result, the 15 year old young girls and boys would initially question the value set and ethics prescribed to them. They would eventually discover the ‘self’ only to remain intact and live by those same value set and ethics that give purpose to their existence.

The ‘self’ leads one to practice inspirational conduct, be special and have an impact.