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Because You’re One Too

Through The Lens of Democracy
February 13, 2018
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The Silence Of A Voice
February 13, 2018

It is massacre of humanity. The Palestine-Israel conflict continues and the recent cross-border attack enters 17th day, with Gaza death toll crossing 750. 70% of the causalities are believed to be civilians; approx. 550 children and women have been brutally killed. Were these kids not as innocent as our children?

The principle of collective self-defense, as stated in the U.N Charter (Chapter VII Article 51), has been ridiculously violated. But the world and members of the U.N remain silent. Protests are being carried out in different parts of the world by civilians including Jews and Muslims, Christians and Hindus. It is a humanitarian issue beyond religion and territory; such indiscriminate killing is inhuman!

International world actors remain silent – at least as we see the situation. The Muslim World and its leaders have not yet set a clear stance on Gaza. On a state level, neighboring Arab countries have extended limited, if any, support to the suffering civilians.  

World Superpowers aren’t playing their ‘role’ of mediating peace talks; as diplomatic efforts intensify, John Kerry (U.S Secretary of State) has met with Mahmoud Abbas, Binyamin Netanyahu and Ban Ki-moon but is that the best a ‘Mighty’ one can do to put an end to the violent conflict? The one with ‘power’ is responsible for well-being and security of all other, less-powerful ones in a non-discriminatory & unbiased manner; as I see, that’s how the world is to be led as a better place.

A commission of inquiry into recent Gaza attacks has been setup as the U.N Human Rights Council passes a resolution with 29 votes in favor, 1 against (U.S) and 17(!) abstentions. 17 members did not participate – shows non-interest? 

Political opinions primarily based on incomplete knowledge and historical biases are deep entrenched on a state and individual level. When circumstances are viewed as either just black or white even over space of time, limited understanding reflects. It is important that we first understand and then act instead of reacting in situations that involve greater risks in specific. Be responsible!

Fundamentalism in any form (it lacks a coherent definition) is condemnable; adoption of the concept by a group, community at large or state must be discouraged at all levels as it reduces ‘acceptability’ and in turn, diminishes chances of sustainable peace. I do not support transgression of socio-religious norms – in fact, maintaining the basics strongly promotes larger well-being.       

We must, as individuals and on a state level, accept difference in opinion and work towards understanding it. It is only then that the gap can be negotiated to ensure the risks are mitigated and extent of possible loss minimized. Jews are not synonymous to Zionists as Muslims are not terrorists and Christians could be Orthodox or Catholic. 

Show respect for and value human life – because you’re one too.