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Cracking The Coding Interview Bootcamp

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DirAction Tech – Preparing the Young Tech Talent of Pakistan
May 22, 2023
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Celebrating the IT Heroes of Pakistan
April 7, 2023

Catalysing the growth of our tech industry is the need of the hour. It can only be achieved if the young IT talent meets the skills requirement of the technology companies.

DirAction Tech was conceived with the vision to prepare tech enabled resources for the IT industry.  

Joined by our large DirAction Tech community of young enthusiasts ready to make a difference, yesterday marked the program launch of "Cracking The Coding Interview" with Sarfraz Raza (Founder & CEO, Seed Programming).

The objective of the program is to help fresh IT graduates understand the nuances of not only breaking through the interview stage into leading tech companies but also take the first step towards a soaring career.

DirAction Tech is much more than a program; it's a platform to connect young minds with the leaders of the IT industry. 

I invite all tech companies to join us in nurturing our IT talent & creating a tech-enabled human capital for an economically stronger Pakistan.