If Entrepreneurship Has To Be A Game Changer

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February 12, 2018
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February 12, 2018

If entrepreneurship has to be a game-changer for Pakistan, there are a few conditions that need to be met:

  1. Bring out efficient solutions to common problems

As doctors save lives and teachers spread knowledge, entrepreneurs solve problems. This analogy must be practiced so people see for themselves the value addition that it brings to their lives. It is only then that entrepreneurship will be recognized as a ‘profession’ and therefore, become an effective and long-term tool to generate employment opportunities.

  1. Follow a larger, strategic plan

If a game has to be won, it has to be backed by a plan. A few platforms such as business incubators and accelerators will produce startups but much more needs to be done to make that mark. The public and private sectors need to collaborate as stakeholders and come up with a localized yet strategic policy that sets out a long-term plan to set the industry on track.

  1. Give courage to dream

Entrepreneurship is about taking risks, thinking out of the box and BELIEVING! You can do great things (add value to society & also make your family proud) only if you start believing in yourself and your skillset. Trust yourself enough, give your talent enough space that it outshines the ordinary.

A start-up is about the team – each member brings a unique skill to the table. Make sure you do not compromise.

As we celebrate Pakistan’s 68th Independence Day, there’s a lot that we, as entrepreneurs, need to settle. Let’s take the next 7 years in mind – where do you see your startup in terms of numbers and impact? How will your startup contribute to the larger society in context of opportunities? Do you have other entrepreneurial ideas in mind that need to be executed?

For policy makers and corporate leads, you have a responsibility now. You must take charge and set out a plan like Estonia has. Initiate to fill the void of capital funding, create the necessary infrastructure, collaborate with global successful platforms, and set tangible goals.

Coming to the young ones and aspiring entrepreneurs - you have to rebuild Pakistan! With clean records, you have a whole new world to take on. Entrepreneurship is not only for business students but is in fact defined by the bold ones who take tough decisions! You could be a techie who codes a software, a designer who gives the creative look to a product or a marketing person who knows how to sell. Give yourself the next five years to explore what you are good at (if you haven’t already), gain confidence about it, be shameless to brag about it and set a timeline to follow. Where do you see yourself in 2022? How do you plan to get there? Will it contribute positively to the society?

Let’s start preparing for Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day by giving it more success stories. We need to get our hands dirty and build a sustainable model of entrepreneurship.