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Why Learning Digital Skills Necessary for Pakistani Youth?

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November 1, 2023
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Why is learning digital skills necessary for youngsters while they continue their university education?

Having visited 100+ universities across Pakistan and interacting with thousands of students from varying backgrounds, I found one element as the common denominator - our youth has the desire to bring change in their lives, households and society, but what they lack is the right skillset that will enable them to reach there. 

In today’s times where the world is advancing technologically by the minute, for our country to be at par with other fast emerging economies, the youth needs to start working on their capabilities, capacity and skills before they enter the professional world. Learning ‘digital skills’ to start the cycle of income generation via online opportunities, is the first step towards that. 

Regardless of their gender, age or financial background, it is equally important for both young girls and boys to step up, enhance their digital skills, and leverage them to earn. At this point, the ‘amount’ of income earned is not what is of significance; it is the sheer fact that a young individual in her or his late teens or early twenties has started contributing financially not just to support their own education but household affairs in these times of soaring inflation. 

More than monetary, it is the invaluable non-monetary benefits they gain in terms of:

  • Self-belief that they can stand on their own feet and be financially independent;
  • Self-confidence needed to embark on a strong career trajectory;
  • Nurturing a sales-driven thought process;
  • Experience of building a customer base for their services; and
  • Exposure of dealing with clients leading them to learn client handling skills.

If practised consistently over a period of time, all of the above combined lay the initial basis for young talent to progress towards becoming a professional or an entrepreneur who is ready to make a difference in the society.

I thank my friend Jonas Eichhorst (Investor & Executive Chairman, Bykea) for accompanying me to Sialkot where we got the chance to meet the passionate youth of the city and encourage them to take the leap forward.