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Xplore – Stacks Pakistan’s Blockchain Conference

3 years of PTI, PTI led government, 2 years of Imran Khan government
3 Years of PTI
August 18, 2021
Akhuwat’s 4th IMFN Conference
August 10, 2021

Blockchain is the future of technology & youth is the future of Pakistan! 

We, at Stacks Pakistan, work hard to be the enablers of the future of our country. 

Today, with XPLORE, Stacks Pakistan took a potent step forward towards enabling and empowering the youth of Pakistan by giving them the platform to learn, grow and innovate in the fast expanding field of blockchain technology. 

XPLORE 1.0, first edition of Stacks Pakistan's annual blockchain conference, created ripples in the developers’ community from across Pakistan.

With the mission to make blockchain & cryptocurrency mainstream in the country, as the first global chapter of Stacks, brings a lot more responsibility - the responsibility to help build & expand a global community of change makers.

Despite blockchain being a new space for our #youth, it was the passion to learn more, to do more that brought these young dreamers together at this conference. 

I would like to thank Fasset for helping us acknowledge the efforts of Stacks #Hack4Impact, Summer School & Clarity Cohort graduates by sponsoring the award ceremony.

A special note of gratitude to COLABS & Omar Shah, for being our exclusive partner for the event space & hosting us through the weekend.

Today's event was for everyone who is exploring the Clarity universe & taking an interest in blockchain. I am grateful to all the speakers who took out time to speak at the event.

Yusuf Hussain, Faisal Sherjan, Misbah Naqvi, Nighat Dad, Faisal Aftab, Mohammad Raafi, Ali Farid Khwaja, Kaleem Ullah and many more. 

Special shout-out to Dr. Muneeb Ali, Jenny Mith, Trevor Owen and Marvin Janssen for championing this from different time zones.

Lastly, I'd like to commend my team for pulling it off brilliantly! There is no limit to creating impact. To Infinity & Beyond.