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Rs 17 Crores Committed in Season 3

nabeel qadeer, idea croron ka
ICK Commits Rs. 400 Million
December 31, 2018
nabeel qadeer idea croron ka
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December 17, 2018

What a brilliant end to the year 2018. My show, Idea Croron Ka Season 3 comes to a successful close as Rs. 170 million of investments were committed to 17 startups out of which 9 are women entrepreneurs.

Here's a quick summary of the season:

- PKR 17 Crores (Sub of USD 2 Million) worth of investment commitments made on the show.

- 24 brilliant startups pitched on the show.

- 6 stories of courageous women entrepreneurs supported by Facebook.

- 4 brilliant entrepreneurs supported by USAid.

- 6 extraordinary super hero stories of effective & successful Pakistanis showcased in the season.

Season 3 of Idea Croron Ka brought together Facebook and USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity as major partners. Moreover, this season got Sprite on board as the first sponsors of Pakistan’s premier startup reality show.

As I always say, I have complete faith in the entrepreneurs of this country and one day one of these entrepreneurs are going to change the fate of Pakistan. I am grateful to all the partners who came along and believed in this cause. We’ll be back with a new season in next year and look forward to more people coming together to support and facilitate entrepreneurs.

I thank my friends & supporters from the industry who believed in my desire to take entrepreneurship to the masses via television & hence, contributed to the show in various capacities. A special note of thanks to Maria Naseer & Mumtaz Gohar Wattoo for playing their crucial role from behind the scenes. All my respect for Prof. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman for allocating prime time on NEO TV for a show that is unique in nature.

I thank all those who made investment commitments on the show & especially thank the brave entrepreneurs of Pakistan who came from all parts of the country, to showcase their passion to millions watching them.

I promise to come back with a completely different format & structure of the show in Season 4 InshAllah. Will be reaching out to all my friends for input & support.

Happy New Year & Pakistan Zindabad!

You can watch the finale here and  know more details about the investments here.