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ICK Commits Rs. 400 Million

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Our Cultural Confusion
January 9, 2019
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Rs 17 Crores Committed in Season 3
December 30, 2018

[30th December, 2018] Today we have successfully completed 3 seasons of Idea Croron Ka, with a massive success of Rs. 400 million of investments committed on the show.

Here's a shout out to Maria Naseer, my team and supporters of the show without whom this could not have been possible. I highly appreciate the continuous support you have all given us. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Here's a quick summary of the impact that we have created through our show:

1. 400 million of investments committed;

2. 21 investors featured;

3. 75 startups pitched;

4. 6 Facebook Community Leaders highlighted;

5. 20 stories of Himmat Karo Pakistan;

6. 29 Superheroes of Pakistan featured;

7. Partnerships:


- Facebook

- Turkish Airlines Invest on Board

- Amazon Web Services

- KP Impact Challenge Fund

- Circle

8. Roped in Sprite as the main sponsor of the show;

9. 34 startups received investment;

10. Women participation:

 - 2 women investors

 - 6 community leaders

 - 9 women led startups

 - 7 women superheroes

 - 4 Himmat Karo Pakistan

 - 6 women representatives as mentors/guests

11. ICK International broadcasts:

- Austin

- Russia

12. First Women Investor Training held in Lahore.

Thank you for your immense support. See you soon in Idea Croron Ka Season 4.

Keep watching the show.

Happy New Year!