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DirAction’s Focus Group to Catalyse the Growth of Tech Industry

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August 26, 2023
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In this time and age, technology is the determining factor between nations that will become an economic power and those that will not. Post-Covid, Pakistan's IT industry has proven itself to be the most promising one by becoming the pillar of foreign exchange influx into the country. 

Undoubtedly, it has the potential to become the backbone of our economy but why is it still not there yet? 

The disconnect between industry and academia, widening skills gap, high employee turnover and brain drain are some of the many factors that are increasing the friction on its way up towards growth. If Pakistan is to become an economic powerhouse, inculcating technology skills at the grass root level is essential. 

Recently, DirAction convened the leaders of the IT industry & academia for a focus group discussion to collectively analyse the existing challenges pertaining to the industry's human resource, take their input on the technology skills & practices that need to be instilled in the young tech professionals, and devise solutions to propel it towards advancement.

Below are the key outcomes of the Focus Group discussion:

  • Strong Fundamentals Matter: Build robust basics then equip with tools. Value addition to both learners’ and industry's strength.
  • The Ideal Student Journey: Practical modules, hands-on learning, and instant feedback for solid understanding rather than evaluating the skill of a student based on end-of-semester exams.
  • Machine Learning Made Accessible: Simplify courses, make essentials count. Prepare students for real-world IT challenges.
  • Optimal Skill Building: Tailor the skills taught based on industry needs. Learning multi-disciplinary skills makes the employees more effective. 
  • Ready to Deliver: Seamless transition from university/educational institute to workplace. Pre and on-the-job skills investment is crucial.
  • Global Outlook: Cultural intelligence & effective communication skills are vital for business development and client handling.
  • Custom Tracks, Swift Integration: Customised tracks for students would help them acquire relevant skills and contribute to an organisation to the best of their potential.

The purpose of DirAction Tech is to produce highly-skilled, quality human resource for the IT industry of Pakistan. With minds like Sarfraz Raza & Dr. Agha Ali Raza as the key contributors to the program curriculum, I’m certain that DirAction Tech will not only bring an alternate tech education paradigm in Pakistan but create a long-lasting impact in the tech landscape.

I thank friends from the industry & academia for extending their full support. 

Pakistan's tech human resource is a true asset of our economy that needs to be developed and nurtured. I invite all leaders of the IT industry to join us, bring our energies together to transform the country's human resource into human capital and propel Pakistan’s tech industry towards growth and advancement where it is ought to be.