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Chairing Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub Pakistan
March 1, 2019
nabeel qadeer idea croron ka water crisis
Pakistan’s Water Crisis
February 16, 2019

Humbled to be featured on the cover of Startup Insider magazineIts an endorsement of the work we're doing to make entrepreneurship mainstream by taking it to the masses through Idea Croron Ka.

Hoping to see & support more of such initiatives on mainstream media, celebrating the efforts of Pakistani entrepreneurs.

Everything we do in life is work in progress; ICK still needs a lot of improvement as a production especially in terms of its format. Hence, I'll be looking towards my friends from the industry to help me work on a completely new format for Season 4 of the show. Continuous Improvement is key! 

Thank you once again to all my friends for always supporting my work!

Here is the link to Startup Insider Issue February 2019.