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Why Should Tech Professionals Choose Full Stack Development?

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Why Join a Programmers’ Community?
October 17, 2023
Full Stack Ninja Bootcamp
October 2, 2023

Full Stack Development is a ‘GOLD STAR’ skill. 

The agreement is unanimous across the entire spectrum of professionals in the tech industry - from CEOs to senior, mid-level, early & aspiring professionals. But what is it that makes Full Stack Developers highly sought-after & amongst high-salaried individuals in the field of web development globally? 

Why should a young tech professional choose to step into Full Stack Development? What factors make a Full Stack Developer a MUST-HIRE for an employer? 

Simply put, he or she:

  • Is not just proficient in either front-end development, back-end development, Quality Assurance or DevOps but in ALL of the above.
  • Wears multiple hats, brings in the expertise of more than one employee & can take various roles within a team;
  • Has the ability to work with various programming languages, frameworks & tools; 
  • Has the capability to handle end-to-end implementation of a web-based project - from project management to the installation of the right operating system on a server. 
  • Collaborates with clients & stakeholders across the board due to the variety in the skill-set.

It is this unique mix of qualities that has made full-stack developers a need for companies around the world to get high-ticket projects and yield increased profits. 

The next natural question is, what’s the scope of this field?

Full Stack Development promises a high-growth career trajectory across industries. Where there is a slowdown in the global employment growth post-COVID, on the contrary, there is a 20% Year-on-Year growth in the number of full-stack development jobs around the world. For Pakistani tech talent it implies being offered high salaries by not just local IT companies but international firms whether in the form of a remote job or an on-site job. 

According to Glassdoor’s recent survey, by the end of 2023, the most lucrative jobs offered (in terms of annual salary) to Full Stack Developers in the U.S. market will be in large-cashflow industries such as Tech (US$ 112,706), Banking & Finance (US$ 90,660), Telecom (US$ 88,508) & Transportation (US$ 82,467). Where a fresher with 0-1 years of experience can get a monthly salary ranging from US$ 5,083 to US$ 8,250 in a U.S. based company, a senior professional with 8+ years of experience can secure a job worth monthly salary of US$ 18,917 up to US$ 20,667.

The key to keep raising the bar is to constantly being on the learning curve by expanding one’s skill-set. 

However, to experience a high-paced career growth & stand out, one needs to build on interpersonal skills in addition to the technical capabilities such as creativity, problem-solving & excellent communication skills. 

If you want to become a ‘well-rounded’ full-stack developer, you may want to check out our 12-week Full Stack Ninja Bootcamp.

Keep learning, keep growing!