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‘This Book Is About YOU’ – Become The Best Version of Yourself

this book is about you, nabeel qadeer
This Book Is About YOU – Launch
March 5, 2021

Most of what I learned in the initial years of my life was through my Grandfather (Dada). He was my teacher & my mentor. He made me understand what it meant to ‘read’. In his lifetime he authored many books and made them available for the masses to learn from. 

This book is my attempt to follow in his footsteps and spread knowledge, hope & positivity through the power of words.

Penned in these 11 chapters and 300 plus pages is the crux of all that I learned in life through business, sports, relationships and faith. After 24 months of writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading – it’s finally here!

This book is about leadership, effectiveness, and reflection. The chapters are numbered from 0 to 1 for that is the journey we were meant to be on. A life of impact begins after we discover ourselves. Split into three sections, REFLECT, FOCUS and EXECUTE, the chapters outline the steps you will need to explore your true potential. You might be a student, young professional, business owner or a person looking to establish their brand; it really is a book about YOU. 

At the end of each chapter are thought-provoking questions, ones that I have asked myself and those around me for over two decades. It is through the power of reflection that I have discovered my true self. Many stories of people you and I can relate to are shared in this book. Heroes have been redefined, failure has been challenged, and the missing link between who you are and who can become has been discussed. Each page has been designed to resonate with you. You will find definitions, anecdotes, diagrams and more to communicate key concepts as simply as possible.

I'm humbled to have Dr. Peter McInnes agreeing to write the foreword for this book.

A special note of gratitude to Qaiser Abbas  and his team at Possibilities for making this happen in record time. Glad to announce that the book will be available on all major bookstores across Pakistan (including Readings, Liberty Books, Variety Books, Saeed Book Bank & many more) by the end of this week.

Available for order now at and at all leading bookstores nationwide.